Renting and filling a storage unit is definitely easier in the summer than in the snowy, cold winter. But summer still brings about its own challenges and intricacies. If you plan on renting self-storage units during this season of long days and lots of suns, here are a few tips you should follow.

Always go for climate control.

For some reason, people think of climate-controlled storage units as being heated, and so they tend to think climate control is most important in the winter. But actually, climate control is just as important in the summer; in some cases, it may even be more important. In most areas, the humidity and temperature fluctuate widely during the summer, and these frequent shifts can cause all sorts of materials to warp, bow, crack, and develop mold. If you're storing things in the summer and you don't want them to be ruined, you need to choose a climate-controlled facility. 

Start looking for a storage unit early.

Summer is a really busy season for the storage industry. Students are moving home after the college semester and need a place to store their things. People are trying to move while the weather is nice. Other people are looking for places to store their winter and holiday decorations. So, if you also plan on renting a storage unit during the busy summer, you need to plan ahead. Start calling storage facilities a month before you need the space. You may have to call a few places to find a space. Some companies will put you on a waiting list and call you once one of their current renters moves out.

Plan a rain date.

You don't have to worry about snow, but you do still need to plan around rain in the summer. You don't want your items to get wet, as they'll then bring moisture into the storage unit and contribute to mold growth. So, when you schedule a day to move your things into a storage unit, pay close attention to the weather, and also pick a rain date. If your friends or family members will be helping you move things into storage, let them know about the rain date so they can plan ahead, too. People get busy in the summer!

If you need a storage unit, you need a storage unit — whatever season it happens to be. With the tips above, you'll succeed in the summer.