If you have a lot of free time and you want to do something on the side that can generate income, you may choose to run an online clothing store. While you can accomplish this through various means, you may like the idea of picking up merchandise locally and shipping it out yourself. This option means that you will need to find somewhere to put all your inventory. If your home is quite limited on storage space, you should rent a storage unit to get all the storage that you need.

Climate Control

While a climate-controlled storage unit can be somewhat more expensive, you may not want to take any chances on the condition of the clothes that you sell. With a controlled temperature and humidity level, you should feel confident that your inventory is not sustaining extra wear and tear while sitting in storage waiting to be sold and shipped out to a buyer.


Trying to organize the clothes in your own home may not be an easy thing to do when you need to make use of multiple storage spots to fit everything. This makes a storage unit quite ideal because you will have a much easier time trying to stay organized with your clothing to sell.

For instance, you can create a section where you need to get clothing ready to take photos and another section for clothing that is listed and waiting to be sold. To optimize time, you will also want to carve out a shipping area in the storage unit so that shipping preparation is fast and easy.

Unit Size

When you are just getting started, you may not have much inventory to sell. This means that you may only need a small storage unit to hold all of your inventory at the beginning. But this can quickly change once you get the hang of purchasing clothes and knowing when you have great value on your hands.

A storage facility that makes it easy to switch to a larger unit is important because you do not want to feel discouraged about potentially growing your business. You should make sure that a storage company has several upgrade options so that you can continue growing even after an upsizing.

If you are interested in starting an online clothing store business, you should not hesitate to rent a storage unit that gives you access to all the space that you need to keep a sizable inventory.