Are you new to using self storage? If so, you do not want to make the mistake of putting things into a storage unit and worrying about it later. Here are some helpful tips for using self storage when you have not used it in the past.

Keep Things Elevated

If you have a storage unit located outdoors and without climate controls, know that there is always a risk of water getting into the unit. There can be extreme weather that forces water underneath the door, potentially getting items wet. It will help to elevate items off the floor whenever possible. Consider getting shelving for the unit so that boxes can stay off the floor, or simply raise items off the floor just enough to keep everything dry.

One way to can raise items is by using old pallets, which have a flat surface on top and are a couple inches off the ground. You can also use pieces of wood with a board laid across it, which is simple and effective.

Use Clear Bins

Plastic bins are another way to keep things organized and dry in a storage unit. However, solid plastic bins are going to make it difficult to find what you are looking for. It will help to use plastic blinds that are clear so that you can easily see inside them. If you are looking at a stack of bins, it helps easily tell what is inside and how deep you have to go to find what you are looking for.

Place Seasonal Items Near The Front

Are you using self storage to hold onto seasonal items? Don't make the mistake of burying these in the back of the unit, since you'll need to access the items every year. Lights, Christmas trees, and lawn inflatable can all be placed near the front of the unit where you have easy access to them.

Pack Silica Gel With Electronics

Any electronic devices have the risk of getting moisture on the internal components when they are placed in an outdoor storage unit. Consider packing these items in sealed containers with packets of silica gel in them. The gel helps absorb the moisture in the air, which prevents it from settling on electronic components and causing them to rust.

Looking for more tips on how to use your first storage unit? Reach out to a local self storage facility like Acorn Self Service Storage for more information.