Not all storage unit users have the same set of needs. Some people just need a place to put a few old clothes or paperwork for a few months as they organize a new home, while others may need to keep some expensive tools or electronics in storage because they don't have enough room. Different levels of security, climate control, and access may be necessary depending on the value of the belongings and other factors. Here are a few security features to consider to help you choose the right type of storage unit.

Door and Lock Type

The most basic tier of professional storage units use rolling doors that lock either at a bottom connecting point or a side connecting point for a padlock. These doors are made of linked metal bars that can be raised to open, and they provide basic security from the elements and thieves.

Unfortunately, rolling door security is easily broken. Many storage unit customers use basic locks purchased from a retail store, which local crooks may have a lot of practice with when it comes to picking or breaking security. A pair of bolt cutters can get through easily, which is a big concern if the facility has no other security.

If you're planning on putting a few clothes or inexpensive materials away, basic storage units are fine. This by no means excuses crime, but there are a lot of better things to steal than clothing for the risk of going to jail. To add a bit more security, storing everything in nondescript boxes can help.

For more security--as well as protection from the outdoors--a reinforced door with a lock and key mechanism is better. These doors can take longer to break into than padlocks and can't be simply cut away with bolt cutters.

Security Cameras and Personnel

A staple of security is a decent camera system. To deter thieves and record any evidence of crooks brave enough to steal, it's good to have a set of cameras with a recording system that can be checked by storage facility staff and customers as needed.

You need to verify that the cameras are actually working. It's not unheard of for cameras to be off just to save money, or for fake cameras to be put up as basic deterrents. 

For higher levels of security, look for storage facilities with security personnel. A reliable team of security guards adds to the deterrence of crime, and can keep an eye out for the more clever thieves who have more creative ways of getting to valuables

Contact a security facility professional to discuss secure storage units and their features.