A small business can benefit in many ways from renting a storage space. Here are some things that you can do with this additional space.

Keep the Office Lean

The goal of a storage unit would be to provide an additional space where you can store items that you might need in the future, but which are currently cluttering up your office. There may be certain machines, office supplies, or furniture that you only use once in awhile. When you're working with a small office space, you might not have room to keep these items in a back room or closet. They can go in a commercial storage unit instead.

Stock Additional Supplies

Storage units can also help you to be economical about the time and money that you spend on office supplies, coffee, snacks and other office incidentals. When you see a sale on these items, you can buy liberally and put the rest of the supplies in your storage unit for future use. This can also help cut down on the number of supply runs that your administrative team has to make.

Plan for Growth

Another thing that you can do with your self storage unit is prepare for office growth. Perhaps you can store an extra workspace or two in your storage unit so that it's easily accessible if your team grows rapidly. And it's especially a good idea if there is a limited supply of matching office equipment or you got yours at a discounted bulk price.

Archive Files

Archiving files is often a legal formality, and you end up with way more documents than you have space for in your office. A storage unit is a great place to keep these boxes. As long as they are labeled with the date that they need to be kept past, it will be easy to pull out these boxes in a few years and shred the documents, all while saving on the cost of an archiving storage.

In short, a storage space, such as Stadium Storage, can provide a lot of benefits to a growing business, and it's not nearly as expensive as having additional space added to your main office. For the best quality and assurance, choose a commercial storage unit and have it covered by your property insurance. Some self storage facilities offer their own insurance as well. It does take a little research to find the best units, but the benefits are worth the time.