If you will be storing your vintage fur coats in a self-storage unit for an extended period of time, then it is vital that you know how to do so in a safe manner. Fur coats that are stored are susceptible to damage from swings in temperature, fluctuations in humidity, as well as simply how they are placed in your storage unit. To this end, here are some tips you can follow to prevent damage to your fur coats while they are stored in your self-storage unit:

Tip: Always Store Fur Coats in a Humidity Controlled Storage Unit

Just as with your antique wood furniture and other valuables, you should always store fur coats in a storage unit that has a humidity and temperature control system. If your fur coats are stored in an environment where the temperature constantly rises and drops, then this will damage the leather of the coats. Excessively dry air will also cause damage to the coats' leather by drying it out. Damaged leather will cause your fur coats to shed their hair and leave unsightly bald patches in your coats. By renting a self-storage unit that has temperature and humidity controls, the leather of your coats will stay supple and healthy and the fur will stay intact.

Tip: Always Store Fur Coats in a Proper Container and Never Lay Them Flat

Before placing fur coats into your storage unit, first, you should have them professionally cleaned to remove any stains or food residue. Once cleaned, place your furs on strong, wide, padded hangers that are specifically designed for coat storage. Place the hanging coats into fur storage bags that have the proper ventilation holes to allow their leather to breathe. Hang the fur storage bag from a bar or coat rack inside of your storage unit in an area where they will not come into contact with any other items. If you store fur coats up next to other items or lying on their sides, then their fur will become permanently flattened and will never look as good as they previously did. 

Tip: Never Store Fur Coats with Moth Balls or in Cedar Chests

Finally, since fur coats can absorb smells that can be very hard to remove, you should never store your fur coats in cedar chests or in the presence of moth balls. Both wood and moth ball odors are very hard to remove from furs, so they should never be present where you are storing your fur coats.