Are you planning to leave your clothes in a self-storage facility for some time? How you store the clothes will determine their condition when they come out of storage. Improper storage may even ruin your clothes permanently. Take these precautions if you want to find your clothes in the same state in which you left them:

Folding Leather Clothes

Leather clothes shouldn't be folded for long periods because they will crease and wrinkle up. Unlike other materials that can be steamed or ironed, leather materials would get damaged from such treatment. Since it's extremely difficult to get rid of creases or wrinkles from leather, its best to hang them up so they won't get deformed.

Hanging Heavy Clothes on Weak Hangers

Weak hangers, such as those made from thin plastic or wires, will not keep their shape for long periods when used with heavy clothes. After some time, the hangers will bend and lose their shape, which can lead to your precious clothes fall on the floor or lose their shape too. Therefore, opt for strong hangers such as those made from wood or felt to hang your heavy jackets or overcoats.

Stuffing Bras in a Drawer or Box

Your bras may look indestructible, but they sure aren't. Stuffing them in a small box may look like the best use of precious storage space, but that can only lead to bent cups and loss of form. Have you ever seen how lingerie stores stack up bras one inside the other? They do it so that the bras don't lose their forms; you should store your bras like that to if you wish to use them again.

Storing Clothes In Dry-Clean Plastic Bags

A dry-clean plastic bag is the perfect thing to keep clothes dust free, but it can lead to other damages. Plastic doesn't breathe, which means it traps odors and moisture, which will ruin the fabric. Not only that, but plastic also emits butylated hydroxyl tolune (BHT), an antioxidant that turns yellow when mixed with moisture. Since you don't want yellow stains on your clothes, stay away from the dry-cleaning plastic bags. Use breathable cotton storage bags instead.

Now that you know how to keep your clothes safe in storage, it's time to choose a secure and safe facility. Choose a clean facility where critters won't damage your clothes. Talk to facilities like All American Mini Storage to confirm whether units are climate controlled and what kind of security is used on the premises.