Americans are probably the biggest hoarders of all time. The sheer amount of space provided by self-storage facilities is sufficient to cover London twice. Think of all of the unused items that Americans keep and put in storage. If your house is getting filled to the brim with unnecessary and unneeded stuff, it's time to rent out a self-storage unit yourself. Here are three tips that will help you move your belongings into the storage unit in an efficient manner.  

Determine Where Everything Goes Ahead of Time

Before you begin packing and loading all of your stuff in a moving truck or into your own car, map out where you're going to store everything. You should section off the storage unit and designate certain spaces for certain things. For example, keep all of the items needed in the kitchen in one area and all of the unused garden gnomes and decorations in another. This will help you find what you're looking for more easily in the future. You want to begin moving items and boxes that you plan to store in the back of the unit first.

Add Pads to the Entrances to Avoid Damaging or Breaking Any Boxes

If you want to avoid unnecessary trouble and disturbances, such as broken moving boxes with the contents spilling out, you'll need to put in an effort to avoid accidents as much as possible. It's not uncommon for self-storage unit owners to accidentally bump or knock the boxes on the corners and sides of the entrances when they're moving them into the unit. To prevent the impact from breaking the boxes, add pads to the entrances in an attempt to avoid damaging or breaking any of the boxes you bring.

Figure Out Where the Aisles Go Ahead of Time

In order to steamline the process and get in and out of the unit in record time, you'll need to leave plenty of space for walking and maneuvering around the unit. You should figure out the number of aisles that you'll need to access all corners of your self-storage unit and where they'll be located ahead of time. You can make room for aisle space while moving the boxes and items into the unit, and this will ultimately make your life a lot easier.


Moving into a storage unit can be easy and simple if you make the necessary preparations ahead of time. Basically, you want to have a good idea of what you're going to move and how you're going to accomplish this before you actually take action. Consider whether you can ask any family members or friends to lend you a helping hand on moving day as well. The more people you have helping you with the move, the sooner you'll get everything done.

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