Organizing a storage unit seems like such a simple thing, but sometimes you are in a hurry and do not have time to put things where you would like them. Eventually, this leads to some haphazard collections of stuff inside your storage unit, and it becomes a nightmare to search for anything. Here are some of the best ways to organize your storage unit so that it makes sense and you are not just pitching boxes in and driving off.

The Peripheral Method

This is the usual method for organizing just about any room and any rectangular or square space. Everything is placed in boxes or totes and stacked around the periphery of the room. Most people prefer to use this or something very similar for storage units as it creates a very clear center area of the unit. The clear area acts as both an area for walking around in the unit and an area where you can pull down boxes and totes and look inside them for the things you need.

The Center Block Method

This is the reverse of the peripheral method, and one which often appeals to people who have a habit of chucking stuff into their storage units and leaving. If you find that you do this quite often, then the center block method of organizing might be better for you. Take all of your boxes and totes and stack them in a center block within the unit. Face the labels on the totes and boxes outward so that you can immediately see what is inside each box or tote. As long as the stack is stable, you can stack it as high as the unit will allow, and as deep as the unit goes. Leave a complete walkway all the way around this center block of stuff, and then you can enter your unit, walk around it, spot what you need and pull it down.

The Office Cubicle Method

If you are the hyper-organized type, you can use this method to organize your storage unit. It consists of breaking down your unit into smaller cubicles, and then assigning each cubicle to specific items, boxes, totes, etc. There is almost no walkway through this type, and you generally have to hopscotch your way through to get to something in the back. For that reason, most people who use this method put the stuff they are least likely to want to get from storage in the very back of the unit.

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